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The Colours of Denial

They say the truth hurts, but falsehood can kill…

THE COLOURS OF DENIAL is a domestic thriller that unravels a tangled web of lies and delusions.

Sophia Cane has spent her entire life running away from reality. Cocooned in a web of lies, she finds herself lost in her own labyrinth of deception, struggling to distinguish fact from fiction while blurring the boundaries of her own perception.

She realises she's in real trouble when she notices a stranger following her. She’s seen him in her nightmares, and now he’s haunting her waking hours.


With her make-believe world about to come crashing down, and the lives of her loved ones in the balance, Sophia must confront the truth before it’s too late.

THE COLOURS OF DENIAL is a psychological domestic thriller that tackles real-life issues such as anxiety, mental health, control, love, and loss.

Dramatic Sunset

Michelle Young Author, CA

“A phenomenal debut novel, so deep, so relatable, full of gripping emotions and a beautifully laid out story. I just loved the author's writing style and the story blew me away."

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Product Details

Year Published


Print Length

238 pages


eBook & Paperback

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