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Seven Sins

What makes a person turn bad?

Descent into darkness with SEVEN SINS, an intense and gritty action thriller that will leave you questioning the very nature of good and evil.

I used to be a good person. Sometimes I think I still am. It’s messed up how far a man can go when he realises he has nothing. Did I change who I was out of greed or to survive? I don’t know.

Yet here I am, 48 years old, lying in a hospital bed. I must retrace my darkest moments and find out who did this to me. Although my circle is small, the motives are plenty.


In this dark action thriller, Kai Jackson recalls his horrific story of how he became a psychotic, murderous criminal.

A journey through the twisted mind of a man consumed by his own demons.

This first instalment in the SEVEN series explores the blurred lines between right and wrong.

Horror Silhouette

R.W. Harrison Author, US

“A breath-taking ride through the mind of a hired killer."

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Year Published


Print Length

263 pages


eBook & Paperback

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