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The inspiration behind If They Knew 👀

Photo of Arti Manani holding a copy of novel, If They Knew

Working from home can have its perks, but have you ever felt like you're being watched? 👀

I have, especially during the pandemic when everything work related moved into my home. 

Every flicker of my laptop's camera or any unexpected notification made me question if I was truly alone.

I'd leave my camera covered with a piece of paper and wonder whether someone was listening in through my speakers. I was consumed with digital paranoia. 

As I spoke to more people about it, I realised it wasn't just me and, for some, this whole digital surveillance thing went way beyond just the laptop. 

I found myself hyper-aware of online threats—scammers, hackers, and the vulnerabilities of technology in general. 

This was the inspiration behind If They Knew. I channelled my digital paranoia in my writing and my distrust in the digital world became the foundation for my novel and protagonist's journey. 

In If They Knew, Ella's secrets come back to haunt her through a modern, technology-driven stalker-twist. 👀

Is she being paranoid or is there a blurred line between reality and digital intrusion?

Step into Ella's world and grab your copy today:

💻 Order a signed copy directly from me and receive a free bookmark and a laptop camera cover... because you never know.... 👀


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